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While 2017 was the year of budget travel, 2018 is bringing a touch of luxury into our vacations. Traveling on a shoestring budget is all good fun, but you sometimes need to treat yourself to a bit of pampering. And why not? How can you step into the world of luxury tourism? Read on for a few helpful tips and hacks!

Dream Big — Plan Well

A goal without a plan is just a wish” That quote is very apt, especially when it comes to traveling. Grabbing a last-minute deal and heading on a backpacking journey may not require too much planning. But if you plan to go for a touch of luxury – the key is to be organized and to plan early. Lists, lists, lists! Using lists is essential to successful planning. Packing lists, to-do lists, to-buy lists, etc… Preplanning doesn’t necessarily mean you need to book everything super early, but you do need to begin your research at least six months before your travel date. Initially, you need to investigate the average prices of flights, hotels, and other costs. Then you will have plenty of time to compare prices and get the best deal. Having your finances outlined will also help you to save enough for the trip. For example, you may have initially planned a lavish ten-day trip, but as you keep up with your savings tally, you realize you can only afford seven days of luxury.

Vacation Goals

Luxury Touring Services - AssistAntIn our imagination, it’s easy to come up with our perfect vacation. But if we are traveling with others, their definition of luxury may differ from ours. Be sure to communicate with everyone well before you start booking. Whether you’re traveling solo or in a group, you’ll need to consider what the priorities are. Is your dream laying by the poolside drinking fruity cocktails? Or do you fancy touring cities and exploring the sites? Or do you want to relax on a private yacht drifting somewhere in the ocean? Ask yourself, “What do I need to do to fulfill the purpose of my vacation?”

More For Your Money

Luxury tourism is all about grand hotels and traveling in style – that’s where you will spend most of your money. But if you choose a destination that is a little bit cheaper, you can get loads more for your money! For example, traveling around South America is a lot cheaper than traveling around Europe. If you save money on excursions, food, and flights, you’ll have more cash to splash on the luxurious things in life. Such as fancy hotels and traveling comfortably and stylishly.

Trending Splendour

Before you book your flight, hotel, or travel arrangements, you need to choose what kind of vacation you want. Several different kinds of luxurious vacations are trending this year. Vacations of spiritual discovery are big in 2018. Many travelers looking for more meaning and self-discovery in their trips. From visiting temples and shrines to getting pampered in relaxing spas, travelers are looking for spiritual enlightenment more than topping up their tan. Hands-on indulgence is the ultimate personalized way to travel. Luxury tourism is now introducing a unique vacation style where you can customize your hotel room just how you like it. From choosing the toilet paper color to selecting the perfect room ambiance, you’ll have a richer more tailored experience. Many bookworms from around the globe are going for literary getaways. It’s not just reading the books, but also visiting the authors, the artists, and the locations from the books. Having a good vehicle to travel around in is essential for these kinds of exploration trips. Another customized option is perspective dining where you can eat whatever you want, wherever you want. On point, personalized meals can be provided for you based on your mood and energy levels. And the meals can be served anywhere you fancy! A vacation that is close to many people’s hearts is the snoozefest. A good bit of shut-eye is all some are looking for on their vacation. Plush bedding, Jacuzzis, and relaxing activities are all found in luxury hotels. There are also therapies and services made available through sleep curators and sleep butlers for the ultimate relaxation.

Travel In Style

Luxury Car Rental AssistAntImagine you’ve booked everything, and you’re on your way. You travel economy class on the plane and then by mediocre travel on the way to the hotel. You eventually arrive tired and bedraggled at the grand exotic hotel you’ve picked. It’s just not right, luxury tourism demands stylish travel! Let your indulgences start from when you walk out your front door. Get picked up and taken to the airport and then dropped off at your hotel. It’ll be simple and stress-free for you, and it will also feel great. You could even hire a limousine or…wait for it…a helicopter if you wanted to go all out! The same goes for traveling around your destination. Yes, it can be fun heading off the beaten track and “doing what the locals do” once in a while. But having a personal driver take you around the sites is the ultimate stress-free and private way to travel around. And the best part is, you’ll feel like a VIP!

Take A Few Extra Days Off

Add breathing room on both sides of your vacation. It’ll give you time to prepare beforehand, and also time to unwind from the travel and adjust back to normal life before you head back to work. It’ll also give you a chance to reflect on your trip and savor every moment you’ve created. A handy tip is to have everything ready for you when you come back home. So make sure the house is left clean and tidy with clean sheets on the beds, ready for you to jump straight into when you get back. If your schedule is tight and you don’t have time to do it, you can always pay someone else to do it for you.

Luxury Tourism

If luxury tourism is something that interests you, we hope this guide will help to give you some indulgent ideas! If you decide to splurge on luxury travel, make sure to check out our services.

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