Do you want your summer travels to be as carefree and luxurious as possible? Here are 10 tips for enjoying your summer getaway in style.

The temperature is heating up meaning it’s time for that summer getaway! An estimated 1.235+ million people will travel internationally this year. Solo travel, responsible tourism, and business trips continue driving the travel trends. Getting to your destination isn’t a hassle with booking and travel agency services. What’s difficult these days with travel? Actually enjoying your vacation. With few off days and expected performance, summer breaks become working holidays. They don’t know how to unwind and disconnect. Many return with stress having ‘missed out’ on duties. Do you want to enjoy your summer break completely? Of course! Read on to learn ten different ways to fully unwind from your travels.

The Ultimate Summer Getaway: 10 Ways to Disconnect and Maximize Your Relaxation

We’re wired in 24-hours, 7-days a week. This is doubly so when business operations fall on our shoulders. Vacations are almost dreadful having to step away from the day-to-day activities. But: A vacation is well deserved and rewarding. Here are the ways to get the most from it.

1. Fully Disconnect

Summer Getaway Break - AssistAntYour average person spends nearly 24 hours online throughout the week. It’s not uncommon for business owners to spend double that time online. This makes it difficult to ‘shut down’ or ‘disconnect’ during a vacation. Avoid bringing work with you to have fun on your vacation. Try the following to disconnect:

  • Set up call forwarding or automated email responses telling you’re away
  • Pass important tasks to a virtual assistant (for those solo entrepreneurs)
  • Reroute inquiries to FAQ pages or use chat-bots for canned responses

Most important, understand the value of your downtime. ANd, how it will recharge your drive and passion for the business. You’ll come back fired up with renewed vigor to take on what you’ve missed and what’s ahead.

2. Use Airport VIP Shuttles or Car Rentals

Popular tourist hotspots are notorious for airport scams. A common being the unofficial airport taxi. The scam skims double (or more) from unsuspecting visitors. This isn’t a great intro to the local culture nor easy on your budget. Other scams happening in transit can include:

  • Stolen luggage from nefarious individuals
  • Fake tickets sold by local “transport” workers
  • Finance scams (e.g. fake ATMs and exchanges)

Consider professional transportation services as a safer alternative. Or, renting a luxury vehicle delivered right to your arrival gates. These options add comfort to your trip while setting the tone for what’s ahead. With either, you can avoid dangerous confrontations and scams. And, enjoy the ride to your destination at your own pace.

3. Let Others Handle the Paperwork

Dodge the paperwork and start the vacation in style with a VIP airport service. A VIP airport service can:

  • Help move luggage
  • Expedite handling passports
  • Check-in items and flights
  • Get access to lounges

A VIP airport service is a smart way to deal with the long, tiring lines. And, remove the frustration when you’re nervous about long-distance travel.

4. Take It Slow and Find Balance

Don’t try to do ‘everything’ with:

  • Pick 1 – 2 main destinations
  • Choose a handful of ‘must-do’ activities
  • Select the best events catering to your desires

Cramming your schedule will create the same stress you experience at work. Give yourself plenty of time between activities accounting for transit. And, if you decide to stay longer in a location or experiencing a local event.

5. Time It Just Right

Do your research to understand slow and peak travel periods. Major local events can bring transits to a standstill. Or, raise hotel and food prices nearly double in some locations! Likewise, the off-season could have fewer events and fun activities going on. Browse travel forums for timing suggestions from locals and frequent vacationers. Else, work with an agency knowledgeable of the local economy and tourism activity.

6. Give Yourself a Buffer

Working in tandem with taking things slow is giving yourself a time buffer. The time buffer:

  • Stops you from stressing when making connecting flights
  • Gives extra time to explore areas catching your interest

A missed connection or extended layover can disrupt vacations. Give a few hours between the major legs of the journey to prevent this from happening. This applies to others expected along the way like with reservations and activities.

7. Get the Inside Scoop from the Locals

Ask Locals Summer Getaway - AssistAntIf you’re not fond of huddling on a bus or packed around a ‘must-see’ sight then ask the locals for their favorite spots. Locals give inside scoops far-off the typical itinerary. These locations let you get away from fellow vacationers. And, enjoy truly local culture and activities. Try one of these questions:

  • What’s your favorite place to eat?
  • Where’s your favorite hot-spot?
  • What place is on your travel list?

Having trouble talking with the locals? Try the front desk or valet, instead. Blending with locals can help you avoid tourist peddlers and scammers. You’ll likely spend half the money on local activities vs at the hotel or resort, too.

8. Create a Budget for the Unexpected

Are you prepared if you got sick while abroad? What if you were mugged of your wallet or purse? These unpleasantries can create havoc for vacation plans. Consider adding 10 – 20% to your budget as prices and plans change when you’re enjoying your holiday. A smart idea is dividing funds across several financial services, too, like carrying:

  • 2 – 3 debit or credit cards
  • A day’s worth of expenses in cash
  • Backup traveler’s checks

You’ll have a fall-back in case something locks you out of your account. Or, finding yourself completely devoid of on-hand funds.

9. Get Your Bearings and Adjust Before Everything

An unfamiliar location going off the ‘beaten path’ can turn expensive and stressful. This repeats itself being unexpectedly blindsided by a restaurant bill or event charge. An hour or two spent getting to know the area can help you relax — you’ll:

  • Know the easiest ways to get around
  • Who and what to avoid to stay safe
  • Discover better deals outside the tourist pamphlets

You’ll also want to adjust to the local time so you’re energized to relax. A quick nap after a long flight can rearrange your jetlagged sleep giving more time to go out and have fun.

10. Spend It with Someone Special

Create great memories spending your getaway with someone special. Their companionship will ease travel anxiety, and help take things slow. Plus, the thrill of their love and affection in these strange lands.

Make Your Next Summer Getaway Unforgettable

Running a business takes dedication and long hours. A summer getaway is well deserved to disconnect and recharge. Spending a little more time and money can make the difference in your relaxation. Consider our concierge services to experience your vacay in luxury.

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