Are you planning your next vacation? Going out on the sea is the best way to relax. But where should you charter a yacht? Here are 12 destinations to check out!

Whether it’s island-hopping in Greece, scuba diving in Fiji, or sipping champagne in the French Riviera… Whatever your dream vacation is, a yachting vacation is a way to do it. With the ongoing world situation, it’s a better time than ever to charter a luxury yacht. Escape the crowds on your private boat, and relax as the crew takes excellent care of you. But what are the top locations to charter a yacht? Read on for our guide on the perfect spots for your next luxury holiday.

Where Are the Best Places to Charter a Yacht

Keep reading to find out the 12 top destinations for your next getaway.

1. Thailand

Thailand is a stunning destination for chartering a yacht. With turquoise water, palm trees, and breath-taking rock formations, it’s a picture-perfect vacation destination. Weather conditions are great throughout the year, and you’ll have entire coves and islands to yourself. It’s the ideal place for snorkeling, with clear and warm waters. What’s more, enjoy the exciting nightlife Phuket has to offer, and you’ll be far from disappointed.

2. French Riviera

Côte d'Azur French Riviera Yacht CharterThe French Riviera is a longtime favorite for those chartering a yacht. As well as visiting glamorous hotspots such as Cannes, Nice, and Saint-Tropez, you can also make the most of quiet sandy beaches and a beautiful coastline by sailing a little further away from the crowds. It goes without saying, the cuisine here is unparalleled. You can also discover dozens of quaint towns dotted along the shore such as Villefranche-Sur-Mer and Saint Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

3. Seychelles Islands

You wouldn’t be blamed for confusing the Seychelles Islands with paradise. The mesmerizing turquoise waters are so inviting, you’ll have to be bribed to get back on to your yacht! Among the 115 islands to explore there are mountains and forests where you can go hiking, with plenty of unusual flora and fauna to discover. The main island is Mahé, but it is very easy to cross from island to island, where you’ll come across as many white sandy beaches as you could possibly desire.

4. Greece

Greece was made to be explored via charter yacht. From the gorgeous white buildings of Santorini to the nightlife of Mykonos, Greece is without a doubt one of the best places to charter a yacht. It is perfect for family vacations, romantic getaways, or even corporate trips. There are over 10,000 miles of coastline so it’s easy to find an isolated spot where you can swim, sunbathe, and relax in total tranquility.

5. Fiji

Visiting Fiji is a yachting experience unlike any other. Soak up the culture and warmth of the Fijians who will wish you bula vinaka (“a warm hello”) as you enjoy their home. English is widely spoken, however, so communication is easy. There are plenty of things to do in Fiji, aside from enjoying the lagoons and reefs. The best time of year to go is April to October when the incredible underwater visibility makes snorkeling a must.

6. Canary Islands, Spain

The Canary Islands, which belong to Spain but are located off the West African coast, are an ideal location to charter a yacht. The islands themselves offer wonderful hospitality, with excellent restaurants and bars to be found in Gran Canaria and Tenerife. Sailing is possible here year-round, and the beaches of La Palma are among the most magnificent in the world.

7. Tortola, British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands is an extremely popular location for chartering a yacht, and there’s a good reason why. These are easy waters to navigate, with lots of anchorage sites meaning you can island-hop to your heart’s content. There are also countless activities to do onshore in Tortola: snorkel at Smuggler’s Cove, enjoy a cocktail at Cane Garden Bay or take a hike in the Sage Mountain National Park.

8. Croatia

In the last few years, Croatia has emerged as one of the best places to charter a yacht. With over 500 islands making up the Dalmatian coast, Croatia combines rugged landscapes, beautiful beaches, and architectural gems – such as Trogir. If you’re looking for fun nightlife options, head to Hvar, or if you’re searching for the serene, sail north towards the Kornati archipelago.

9. Whitsunday Islands, Australia

The Whitsunday Islands are a popular yachting destination for Australians and international travelers alike, and it’s easy to see why. The 70 or so islands are perfect for sailing. Snorkeling and whale-watching are both possible here, while the islands boast unspoiled white beaches that seem to come straight from a postcard. Make sure you check out Bauer Bay for unbeatable views over the islands.

10. St. Martin

Marigot Saint-Martin Yacht Charter - AssistAnt TravelSt. Martin, known as ‘The Friendly Island’, is a wonderful clash of European and Caribbean cultures. The best time to visit is between December and April when winds are optimal for sailing. If you’re looking for deserted sandy beaches, shopping opportunities, and fine dining, St. Martin may be the option for you. It’s also easy to visit other islands in the Lesser Antilles from St. Martin, such as Anguilla and Barbuda.

11. Sicily, Italy

Sicily, located in the heart of the Meditteranean Sea, is a wonderful location for chartering a yacht. The island offers all that you could hope for on a luxury sailing vacation. Delicious food, beautiful beaches, and the wonderful city of Palermo – you’ll never want to leave this warm and inviting region.

12. Turkey

Finally, let’s take a look at Turkey – perhaps an underrated spot for chartering a yacht. Ölüdeniz, also known as the Blue Lagoon, has crystal clear waters and offers many watersports opportunities. Or, head east towards Antalya for a quieter, mountainous coastline. Finally, for a taste of Turkish culture, don’t miss Fethiye where you can try a traditional Turkish bath and get a taste of Turkish cuisine.

Where Will You Choose?

As you can see, your biggest challenge will be narrowing down these options to just one! It’s time to sit back, feel the sea breeze, and explore a beautiful corner of the world from the comfort of a luxury boat. When you charter a yacht, your only job is to relax. Contact us today to help you plan a smooth vacation from door-to-door.

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