There are many amazing things to do in Malaga, Spain. If you are planning on visiting this great place, check out this luxury travel guide.

Are you looking for somewhere new to go overseas for your next vacation? Do you prefer a location that provides consistently good weather and a variety of attractions? If so, then you consider choosing Malaga, Spain as your next vacation destination. This city provides attractions in all shapes and sizes that let you explore its culture. The activities also allow for different travelers to have fun, whether you’re visiting with friends and family or going on a solo trip. With our knowledge of luxury travel, you will be able to get the most out of your time in Malaga. This luxury travel guide will let you know the best parts about traveling to Malaga, Spain.

1. Alcazaba

Malaga Spain Things to Do - AssistAntOne of the reasons that people from around the world visit Malaga is for architecture. A prime example is the Alcazaba, a Moorish palace that was built in the 11th century. This fortress is full of buildings and structures that show the influence of Muslim culture in the area. You can also use your time here to get a highpoint view of the city. The Alcazaba also includes gardens and fountains in case you enjoy visiting settings full of greenery. Don’t forget to take photos to include unique additions to your photo collection.

2. Roman Amphitheater

Do you always plan on checking out the oldest monument in the cities you travel to? If so, then we recommend saving time for a visit to the Roman Amphitheater, which holds that title in Malaga. Our Malaga guide includes this location because of its position in the city center, as well as the artifacts that educate visitors on how it was used. Created in the first century AD, this amphitheater will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. The Roman theater is only a walk away from the Alcazaba, which comes in handy if you want to save time on visiting attractions. The Interpretation Center nearby will give you further education on the theater’s history.

3. Learning about Picasso

Some of you may be fans of art and want to learn about the biggest name in the field. Malaga gives you that opportunity, as it is the home of artistic legend Pablo Picasso. Your Malaga tourism experience should include a stop by the home Picasso was born in, which is located in Plaza de la Merced. The home will show you his inspirations and includes a statue of the artist, which comes with the legend that whoever rubs its head will receive some of his creativity. If you want to see some of his most famous works, then move on to the Picasso Museum. Aspiring artists can use this as an opportunity to come up with ideas for their own projects.

4. Food Markets

While restaurants in other cities let you try luxury meals, traveling also gives you the chance to cook unique meals yourself. That’s where food markets come in, and Malaga has several to choose from. Mercado Merced is full of gourmet food that you can use to make a nice dinner for yourself and fellow travelers in your hotel room. This market also includes alcoholic drinks that add flavor to food ranging from croquetas to sushi. There’s also the Mercado Central de Atarazanas, which provides different meats, fruits, vegetables, and cheese for a simple lunch. The building is made up of 14th and 19th-century architecture to include traditional structures and a large stained glass window for great views while you’re shopping.

5. Hotels

The kind of hotel you stay at while on vacation also plays a role in how much fun you have. Luckily, Malaga has several options if you are looking for a place to stay at that does more than just help you sleep in comfortable beds. There’s Alcazaba Premium Hostel, which comes with a terrace that treats visitors with great views of the city’s ruins. La Terrazza Bar is full of drinks that may not be available in your hometown. You can also stay at the AC Malaga Palacio Hotel, which provides a variety of meals and drinks through its ATICO Bar and Restaurant. This spot also gives you a view from the highest vantage point of the city while you eat.

6. The King’s Pathway

Staying in Malaga requires engaging just as much in nature as you do in the city life. One way to do that is with the King’s Pathway, a walkway that takes you along the walls of a gorge in El Chorro. The walkway got its name after the Spanish King Alfonso XIII inaugurated it in 1921. While it was originally designed for workers to access two hydroelectric plants, it closed in 2000 and stayed closed for over a decade due to numerous deaths in crossing attempts. Now a popular tourist attraction for outdoorsmen, the King’s Pathway lets you travel in daring fashion through nature near Malaga. You can enjoy wide views of the city from the walkway, and we recommend going on a sunny day for the safest and most comfortable experience.

7. Caves of Nerja

Not all of the natural wonders available at Malaga are above ground. That’s where the Caves of Nerja come in, as they ensure that you have new places to explore on a rainy day. This chain of caves stretches over five kilometers, ensuring that you have different locations to check out if the rain above persists. The knowledgeable tour guides and focus on maintenance makes this a reliable tourist spot for families. The Caves of Nerja also treat tourists with the largest stalagmite, which stands at 32 meters high. If you don’t have time for hikes and walks through high hills, make sure to get photos of this column.

8. Holy Cathedral of the Incarnation

Once you’re ready to return to civilization for your Lonely Planet Malaga journey, you can get back to visiting architectural wonders. One of them is the Cathedral of the Incarnation, which is a prime example of Renaissance-style design. The walls and artifacts provide photo-worthy works of art that are not common with other cathedrals. The stained glass comes with a Gothic influence and adds extra beauty when the sunlight shines through. This is another spot in Malaga that you can take your kids to, especially if you want to go to explore religious centers over the weekend. Make sure to get photos of the outside and inside of the cathedral, as both areas provide architectural wonders.

9. Gibralfaro Castle

Do you think of castles with tall structures when traveling through Europe comes to mind? If so, then you’ll be happy to know that our Malaga forum includes a stop by Gibralfaro Castle. You can get to this 14th-century castle by walking or taking a bus, depending on how much time you have on your vacation. Once you get there, you will have a view of the city from a higher point of the same hill that includes the Alcazaba. The walls of the castle of artifacts that were used for everyday purposes, while exhibits show the history of the people who ruled it in the past. The trees spread out throughout the castle also give you some fresh air that you may have been missing closer to the city.

10. Malaga Football Club

Soccer fans traveling to Malaga will want to put a visit to the stadium of the Malaga Football Club at the top of their to-do lists. You can learn about Malaga CF and its accomplishments over the years. When you’re not visiting due the active season, you can go on tours of the stadium to learn about the best players in the team’s history. When you’re not looking at the trophy room, you can take pictures of the inside and outside of the stadium. We recommend soccer fans to stop by between August and May to see matches. You will get to see teams from other countries and learn about their players, as well.

11. Beaches

Malaga Beaches - AssistAnt TravelBeing a coastal town makes Malaga the perfect destination for beach lovers. Such tourists will be happy to hear that they have a variety of beaches to choose from on a sunny day. There’s Torremolinos, which has a long stretch of sand for tanning, sandcastle-building, and volleyball tournaments. You can take a paddleboard or kayak out on the water when the waves get calm. La Misericordia comes with waves that are big enough for safe surfing if you have kids who want to learn. Los Alamos is the way to go if you want to check out the city from a walk away and beach concerts after your water adventures.

Our Take on Malaga, Spain

The best tourist locations are those that give you a variety of activities, and Malaga, Spain is a prime example. Vacationers can enjoy just as much near nature as they can in the hot spots of the city. When you’re not wining and dining with wide views of the city, you can check out castles, cathedrals, museums, and other architectural and historical wonders. Make sure to check out the caves on a rainy day and the walkways and beaches when the sun comes out. With this guide, you will have an easy time making memories in Malaga. For more of our travel expertise, check out our guides today and plan your next adventure.

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