VIP Transportation and Cruise Port Travel Services for The Port of St. Croix

Is Your Cruise Ship Pulling Into The Port of St. Croix?

High End Services For Shore Excursions - The Port of St. CroixMake the most out of your experience with elite VIP services throughout the The Port of St. Croix, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands region!

We are AssistAnt, a worldwide concierge service specializing in providing elite travel experiences. Our personalized services permit you to relax and delight in your getaway or business trip.

We have the associations and also the expertise to make sure your cruise getaway is exquisite and exceptional. We offer our clients concierge service, airport VIP service, transportation, vehicle service, and tour services.

We have established a standing of providing first-rate, trustworthy, and reliable service for an outstanding experience in high-end travel having been in the travel industry for well over a decade.

Why Use An Experienced Concierge Provider At The Port of St. Croix, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands?

Some great reasons are hassle-free traveling and a more personal experience.

Actually, the cruise harbor might be a puzzling place. To ensure that you do not have to be worried about being late for your departure, we provide luxurious transport services to The Port of St. Croix.

But there is more to the story!

Rather than taking coast excursions prepared by the cruise liner, we provide a individual encounter to help you in navigating through thickly inhabited areas and also make your stay ideal.

The Ultimate In High-End Travel Service Is Yours For The Taking

Savor your own experience before, during, and following your cruise using these particular services:

Miami International Airport VIP Services

Are you having to fly in or out of St. Croix U.S. Virgin Islands?

Allow us to take you around the airport to make the tedious routines of traveling more comfortable and quicker for you.

We provide various degrees of VIP services for Miami International Airport*. You will enjoy a shorter airport experience with our assistance to and through passport control. We can also arrange to have one of our affable representatives meet and greet you, give you a hand with your luggage claim, passport control, and escort you to your luxury transportation. We can likewise make the same arrangements for your departure from St. Croix as well. We will take care of you for a full pressure-free airport routine from start to finish. We hasten your check in, take care of checking your baggage, and supply aid up to your departure gate.

Car Services

We provide private car services and other high-end travel services the cruise ship companies do not feature. You’ll have a private transport to and from The Port of St. Croix, and much more. Our car transportation services may include:

  • Rides from home to the airport.
  • Rides from the airport to The Port of St. Croix (and if needed, to and from a resort before the cruise ship leaves).
  • Travel services for shore visits while the boat is docked at various locations through the cruise.
  • After the ending of the cruise, from the boat to the airport (and to and from a resort if needed).

Additional VIP Transportation

It is very important to have high-end transportation services in St. Croix for worry-free travel. With your team at AssistAnt, you can leave all of it to us and simply settle back and savor your ride.

We offer several alternative methods of transportation in St. Croix, such as:

VIP Concierge At Your Service

The process of traveling is oftentimes very tedious, many people feel as though they need a holiday from their holiday. But what if all you had to accomplish through your holiday was relax?

Turn to AssistAnt to take care of the things that can wear you out, comprising:

Another manner in which we, at AssistAnt, reduce the heavy load, is by offering exclusive concierge service. Planning for a getaway could get a little crazy, particularly if you must travel often for work or if you are traveling with your entire family. Our sphere includes a variety of professionals that satisfy your private and business requests in order to make certain that your travel or getaway time is running as effortlessly as possible. We could set up a charming night for you in the event you are celebrating a special occasion during your trip with no vision of exactly what you can do. Anytime you must organize a corporate lunch and don’t have enough time, call us.

Tours Around St. Croix

St. Croix is full of enjoyable encounters. Although it may be hard to genuinely savor your time off the ship when you’re in the middle of a large number of people from your boat.

We have the solution:

Instead of counting on a universal tour provided by your cruise liner, request our private touring services to guarantee a favorable and memorable stay.

Simply Stated:

Make full use of AssistAnt for anything from VIP tour services that are customized to high class car service to and from the port. In case you’re seeking a memorable and stress-free adventure from your next cruise getaway, let us arrange everything that your cruise company will not. Contact our team to find out more on the subject of our choice travel services and how you can make the most of our private car services at The Port of St. Croix.

*Please take note that certain services may not be accessible at every location. Call us to make sure your desired service can be found at your requested location.

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