Wondering if you should spend the extra money for an upgrade? Here are 7 reasons you should consider flying business class instead of economy or first!

Is there anything worse than spending several hours crammed in between two people on a long flight? It’s enough to make you want to swear off flying forever! Fortunately, there is a simple solution for those frequent flyers who don’t want to be stuck in a cramped spot on an airplane for hours on end. By flying business class, you can give yourself plenty of room to stretch out and relax or get some work done. When you sit in business class, you’ll be provided with super comfortable seating and more than enough space in front of and behind you. In some cases, you might even be able to put your seat all the way down and catch a nap while you’re en route to your final destination. And that isn’t the only benefit of flying business class. Here are 7 other reasons to consider booking a business class ticket.

1. Easy Airport Check-In

Business Class Perks - AssistAnt TravelWhen you first walk into an airport, you’ll usually be greeted by a long line of people waiting to check in and check their bags. Under normal circumstances, you’ll need to join them and assume your place at the end of the appropriate line. But when you’re flying business class, you won’t be forced to do this. Those with business class tickets get access to a special line that usually doesn’t have any wait. They can walk up, check in for their flight, and drop off any bags that they’re bringing with them. Business class flyers also tend to get special privileges as far as luggage is concerned. They can bring more luggage than the average flyer without paying extra for it.

2. Exclusive Access to a Premium Lounge

Sitting at the airport waiting for your flight to board can be incredibly boring. Reading the newspaper and people watching can be fun for a little while, but they’ll get old quickly. As a business class flyer, you won’t have to worry about what you’re going to do while you wait for your flight. You can walk right into a premium lounge inside the airport and eat, drink, read, work, and do any number of other things. This will really come in handy if you happen to have a layover. You can keep yourself busy and make a long layover a breeze.

3. Priority Boarding Before Takeoff

The business class seats on a plane are located right up front. But that doesn’t mean that airlines force business class flyers to board the plane last. It’s actually the opposite. Airlines allow business class flyers to board their flights first so that they can get themselves situated before anyone else gets onto the plane. You’ll be able to find a great spot for your carry-on bag, sit down in your seat, and even enjoy a glass of champagne prior to the other passengers making their way onto a flight.

4. Extensive In-Flight Dining Options

Flying Business Class - AssistAnt TravelWhen you first get on a plane and sit down in business class, you’ll probably still be full from the food you ate in the premium lounge. But if you, at any point, get hungry on your flight, business class flyers can order whatever they want to eat off the in-flight menu. There are many items on this menu that wouldn’t be available to you if you weren’t in business class. Additionally, the flight staff will deliver priority service to you whenever you need to order food or make another request. They’ll jump right up and be happy to serve you if you’re hungry, thirsty, or just have a question that you’d like to ask.

5. Upgraded Entertainment Experience

The only thing worse than sitting in an airport with nothing to do is sitting on an airplane with nothing to keep yourself occupied. But that won’t be a problem for those in business class. Business class flyers get access to free WiFi services and can work (or play!) on their laptops, smartphones, and tablets. They also get big screens that they can use to watch TV or check out a movie. You’ll be entertained during the entirety of your flight, and it’ll fly right by before you even know it.

6. Quicker Deplaning Process

Once an airplane touches down in its final destination, everyone on the plane is anxious to get off. But often times, it takes a pilot 5 or 10 minutes to pull the plane up to the proper gate so that deplaning can start. Then, people have to sit around and wait for everyone else to get off before they can get into the airport. This is yet another thing that won’t be an issue for business class flyers. Since they’re situated right up at the front of the plane, they can get right off and be on their way in no time.

7. Chauffeur Service To and From the Airport

Not all business class flyers receive chauffeur service to and from the airport when they book a ticket. But many times, you can get chauffeur service as part of your VIP airport service. It’ll prevent you from having to find rides to and from the airport and make flying a much more pleasant experience overall. You’ll learn to love flying a lot more once you’ve experienced business class. And you’ll never want to go back to flying economy again.

Start Flying Business Class More Often

Does flying business class sound like it’s the right option for you? If you want to start enjoying easier check-ins, access to a premium lounge, the best in-flight dining options available, and so much more, make flying business class a priority from now on. Whether you’re taking a trip to Italy for vacation or flying to Tokyo for a business meeting, business class is really the only way to go. It’ll get you to your destination in style and ensure that you have the best possible experience on board your flight. Would you like to start planning a trip featuring VIP services all along the way? Contact us and let us tell you about how we can make it happen.

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