Traveling for work is exciting but can be stressful. There’s no reason to hate business travel. To enjoy your frequent trips, here are 8 business travel tips.


Did you know that more than $1.3 trillion was spent on business travel last year? That’s a lot of people traveling for a lot of different business reasons. 


Are you an experienced business traveler? Is 2019 going to be the first time you venture into the world of corporate trips? Make sure you’re properly prepared! 


The stress associated with a business trip can be overwhelming, especially if you’re hopping from location to location. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun – you just need to know what you’re doing and plan ahead. 


Here are some essential business travel tips you need to know if you want to not just survive your trip but enjoy it too. 


1. Use Carry-on Bags Whenever Possible


Travel Tips for Business Travelers - AssistAnt Travel


Successful business travel is all about making the most of the time you have. You don’t want to be caught standing around waiting for your bags to come onto the belt, worrying that they might get lost. 


The first thing all frequent business travelers will tell you is that you should try to use carry-on bags whenever possible. This will save you time and eliminate unnecessary stress. 


2. Look for Non-Stop Flights


If you have to travel long distances, then it’s always going to be in your favor to book non-stop flights. Cutting out long and annoying layovers can make your business trip smoother. 


The stress of running through the airport in a frantic attempt to make your connection is something we can all do without. 


3. Charge Your Electronics before You Fly


Most airlines now have sockets for you to charge your equipment while you fly. After all, who wants all the cables and things cluttering their space? However, you shouldn’t rely on this. 


One of the pro tips for business travel is to ensure all of your electronics are charged and ready to go before you get on the plane. This way, if you’re flying outside of business class or have a lot of electronic devices, you’ll be set whether you’re looking to catch up on work or chill out with your Switch.


4. Pack for the Security Checkpoints


Getting held up at security is never fun, especially when you’re short on time or planning to work in the airport before departure. 


It’s one of those instances where you can gain extra minutes that could be spent sitting in a lounge and resting up for the next step of your journey.  


Pack all of your liquids in a clear bag and keep your suitcase organized. Have your electronics at hand and ready to put on the belt. It may only save you a few minutes, but streamlining this process will make everything seem a lot better and reduce stress. 


5. Sign Up for Airline Lounge Memberships


Airline lounges are worth the money and the process of applying for membership. Sure, big airports have a lot of offer in terms of shopping and entertainment, but if you’re traveling for business, the comfort provided by lounges is a must. 


Ask any frequent traveler for their best tips on successful air travel, and they’ll tell you to use of lounges whenever possible. 


6. Join the Rewards Programs You Are Offered


Collecting rewards offered through airlines and frequent flyer programs can be great. One of the best tips for business travel would be to sign up for these things whenever possible. 


Even if you prefer one airline over another, having a membership is always advantageous. 


If you’re new to business travel, then you might not be aware that air miles can be built and used for flights, hotels, and car services.


7. Eat Healthy and Drink Water


Air travel is tough on the body. It’s tiring, and you will feel weary once you reach your destination. The business class certainly goes some way to making the whole process more comfortable, but a great tip for frequent business travelers is to make sure they eat healthily. 


There are always fast food options at airports, but they may not be suitable for those getting ready for a long flight. Remember to drink plenty of water and pack some healthy snacks. Taking a bottle on the plane with you can make all the difference. 


Your body will thank you for it once you reach your destination. 


8. Print Out Your Travel Documents 


While we live in a digital age, it’s still recommended to print out all of your travel documents


Business Travel Documents - AssistAnt Travel


Even if you have apps and digital downloads, you’re going to want to have physical boarding passes, hotel reservations, and even confirmations – just in case. 


Phone batteries die and signals can be lost, but if you have a physical copy in your pocket, you can always complete your journey with ease. 


Use These Business Travel Tips for a Stress-Free Journey 


There are no real hacks to getting through a business trip. You still need to go through the same processes as everybody else, but there are enough business travel tips out there that can reduce your stress and discomfort. 


Good stress management is going to make your trip more enjoyable and put you in a better frame of mind when you get to your destination and once you get back home again. 


If you’re looking for a truly stress-free travel experience, then why not let us take care of the arrangements for you? Our assistant services coupled with the travel tips above ensure that your business trips will become something to look forward to. 

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