Using VIP services when traveling to the Caribbean can ensure that you are comfortable and taken care of. Here is everything you need to know.

As many as 31.5 million visits were made to the Caribbean in 2019. This comes as no surprise, given the stunning beaches and rich cultures that can be explored in this region. Trips to the Caribbean are made even when better when traveling in luxury. So what are the VIP travel options when exploring three incredible locations: Miami, Princes Juliana Island, and St. Lucia Island? Keep reading for your guide to VIP travel in the Caribbean and why this is the perfect way to arrive and depart from this region.

Traveling to Miami

Travel in the Caribbean Miami - AssistAnt TravelFirst up, Miami is a vibrant city that is a must-do on your traveling bucket list. Also known as The Magic City, Miami has it all. Welcome to beautiful beaches, amazing restaurants, and plenty of sightseeing opportunities. It’s a great choice for corporate getaways, family vacations, and bachelor parties. With our VIP travel services, we’re able to assist with your travel to Miami, no matter your starting destination. We have worked for over a decade to perfect our luxury transportation assistance. This means all the stress is taken out of your journey, and we can meet any need you might have. When arriving in the United States, we have both VIP and VVVIP options available.

First, with our VIP offer, you’ll be met at the airport gate by one of our assistants. You’ll then be able to take private transportation to immigration. Your passport control and luggage collection will be fast-tracked, meaning you can begin your vacation as soon as possible. Meanwhile, our VVVIP service goes above and beyond to make your arrival in Miami perfect. We’ll provide access to a private lounge area, and provide you with drinks and refreshments.

While you relax, we’ll take care of your immigration and luggage collection concerns. Following both arrival services, we can manage your airport transportation, and a chauffeur will drive you to any Miami destination as chosen by you. Similar services are offered when you’re ready to leave Miami, including private jet or helicopter options if speed is of the essence. Finally, we’re able to cater to your every need during your stay. Whether you need reservations to be made or a private tour to be organized, we can make this happen thanks to our high-end providers based in Miami.

Traveling to Princess Juliana Island

Next, we also offer some of the best VIP services for those traveling to Princess Juliana Island Airport. This is the main airport for the island of Saint Martin, in the Lesser Antilles. It is one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world, with perfect crystalline waters and incredible landscapes to explore. When you need to get away from the chaos of everyday life, this is where you need to go. When arriving at SXM, we’re able to make your journey seamless from start to finish.

We operate in many major airports worldwide, get in touch to find out if we can assist you at your departure point. As soon as you touch down in Saint Martin, we’ll make your journey through the airport as easy as possible. With fast track and VVVIP options available, we’ll take away the hassle that usually comes with international travel. Leave it to us as we make your journey from runway to accommodation as quick as possible. Once you’ve arrived at Princess Juliana Island, we can help you get away in a luxury rental vehicle, if you’d rather drive yourself. Otherwise, our chauffeur service can take you wherever you need to go in the Simpson Bay area. Our luxury services don’t end there.

During your trip, we’ll meet your every need with our premium global concierge services. Thanks to our high-end local connections, we’ll help you make the most of your vacation by organizing dinners at the finest restaurants, as well as the very best tours and experiences.

Traveling to St. Lucia Island

Travel in the Caribbean St Lucia Island - AssistAnt TravelThe final beautiful Caribbean location we want to highlight to you is St. Lucia. This island nation, found between Martinique and St. Vincent and the Grenadines is paradise on earth. From white sandy beaches to the finest hotels and landscapes, you won’t be able to forget this holiday for a while. As with our other Caribbean locations, we are able to offer the very best VIP transportation services as you arrive in St. Lucia. The main airport is Hewanorra International, found on the southern tip.

At AssistAnt, we’ve been assisting celebrity and corporate travelers to St. Lucia for almost a decade. Thanks to this experience, we offer first-class journeys to visitors thanks to our VIP airport services. In addition to arriving in style and supporting you throughout your stay, we can also make your departure as smooth as possible. First, our fast-track departure service means we can pick you up from your location and offer luxury private transportation to Hewanorra Airport.

From here, we’ll assist you in reaching the priority counters, meaning you can escape the queues to check in. There’ll be no waiting at passport control or security as our expedited service means you have a smooth journey through the airport. We can help business and first-class travelers reach their private lounge, or otherwise help you to find your gate. To provide maximum assistance, we also have a VVVIP departure service. Going beyond the fast-track option, the VVVIP treatment means you’ll have a personal meet-and-greet escort to the private airport lounge.

Enjoy snacks and beverages while all security checks are carried out within the lounge. We’ll then escort you via a private car to your flight gate when it’s time to board the gate.

Make Travel In the Caribbean Smooth With AssistAnt

Thanks to the unparalleled services of AssistAnt, you can travel in the Caribbean easily and hassle-free. From VIP airport services to luxury transportation and personalized private tours, there is no better way to travel. For more information about how AssistAnt can help you travel in style, you can contact us anytime.

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